Mr. Takaomi Matsuo, a professional singer-songwriter, visited Professor Miyata's seminar to give musical performance.

The final Mind-Body Seminar of the year 2023 took place on December 25th. As per our guidelines, the seminar and group articles were to be submitted by the day of this last session by noon. This day has been dedicated to recreational activities, often involving guest lecturers who specialize in bodywork.

This year, we had the pleasure of inviting a professional singer-songwriter and musical activist, Mr. Takaomi Matsuo, whom I had previously collaborated with during laughter yoga retreats and events. He graciously accepted our invitation to join the seminar as a guest lecturer, delivering a speech and performing musical live. We heard that Matsuo-san started writing numerous songs during his high school days before attending Chiba University. After completing his Master's studies, he continued his active engagement, even traveling to every prefecture in Japan by car.

Among these activities, one notable aspect is the extensive number of live performances held at hospitals, schools, elderly care facilities, centers for people with disabilities, etc. On this particular day, Matsuo-san shared many of these endeavors with us, accompanied by numerous photographs depicting these experiences. He recounted episodes of emotional connections through music, including encounters with individuals who had received terminal cancer diagnosis or had undergone a challenging personal difficulty within the family.

Matsuo-san's activities like these undoubtedly serve as a form of mental and physical care through music. They underscore a practical and effective approach to psychotherapy itself, using music as a tool for healing and connection.

The seminar was indeed a luxurious and invaluable opportunity for the approximately 20 participants to experience live performances by a professional singer up close, with just a single guitar accompanying the raw vocals. The original songs inspired by Matsuo-san's personal experiences and emotions likely resonated deeply with the seminar attendees. The session allowed for questions and interactions, making it a wonderful Christmas occasion as well.

At the end of the musical performance, as a closing act, I had the chance to collaborate with Matsuo-san's guitar using my recorder, and we played The Beatles' "Let It Be".

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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