We held a goodbye party for Francesco Saldarini.

Mr. Francesco Saldarini has been conducting his research at Miyata Laboratory as a Visiting Research Fellow at Waseda University since February, 2023. As he is set to return to Italy by the end of the year, we held a goodbyel party for him, which was attended by seven members participating in our Research Seminar.

This time, we went to PIZZERIA 37, a pizza restaurant located within Trad Mejiro in front of JR Mejiro Station. It is quite close to my residence, and no matter when I visit, it is always crowded with families and others; it is quite a popular spot. The pizza and pasta from the party menu were exceptional that day as well.

Mr. Saldarini has been conducting empirical research on mindfulness-based interventions and cross-cultural comparisons based on the Monitor-Acceptance Theory, which aims to understand the therapeutic mechanisms of mindfulness from Monitor (attention) and Acceptance (emotion regulation). This idea, not widely known in Japan, holds a good potential for various applications and has greatly aided in understanding recent trends in research, particularly in Europe.

Furthermore, besides his current affiliation with the University of Surrey in the UK, Mr. Saldarini has experience in research stays in several laboratories in the United States and others, demonstrating a strong skill for English. After his arrival in Japan, our Research Seminar has primarily been conducted in English, significantly contributing to enhancing the overall communication abilities of the entire lab.

While his plans for the coming year have yet to be determined, I hope we can continue our collaborative research efforts in a positive direction.

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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