Undergraduate seminar for the 2023 Fall Semester has started.

The first undergraduate seminar of the fall semester (including the CHS Advanced Seminar) was held on October 9th. As it was the first meeting, I provided an overview of the schedule leading up to the end of the academic year until students will submit papers, as well as guidance on how to write seminar and group papers, and methods for reading research articles. Both third and fourth-year students will go into more advanced learning compared with the Spring Semester, but as long as they participate diligently, everything will surely be fine.

After this day, I unfortunately caught a cold and although tests at the clinic showed negative results for both COVID-19 and influenza, I was not able to progress much with my work for some while. Balancing research pace and maintaining health condition is indeed a challenging theme, but somatic practices and regimen often turn out to be useful in such situations.

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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