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Classes for the Spring Semester, 2023 academic year, have concluded.

On July 24th, classes for the Spring Semester of the 2023 academic year came to a close. After returning from sabbatical, it was initially challenging for me to get back into the pace of teaching, but after some while, the days of interacting with many students have returned.

Continuing from the 2021 academic year, the full-on-demand lecture was attended by around 980 students from across the faculties of the university. With this scale, the volume of weekly review sheets alone becomes substantial, and various inquiries also increase, necessitating detailed management of the lecture system. Full-on-demand lectures, which can be taken in a flexible location and time without coming to the classroom, seem to be gaining popularity among students even as the COVID-19 situation gradually improves.

Nevertheless, I managed to conclude the spring semester lecture by incorporating various elements such as feedback videos after each class, practice of mindfulness meditation, exercises of eyes and body, and meditation through my own recorder playing.

Starting from this academic year, in addition to the classes I directly oversee, a practical class on bodywork has been introduced. The class involved martial arts and meditation, laughter yoga exercise, and somatic psychotherapy for effectively treating trauma. These classes offered a diverse range of content that is not covered in other courses, which I believe have provided valuable experiences. For example, by attending the class, participants were able to have interesting experiences like laughing a lot and feeling their mind and body become refreshed and balanced.

When including a seminar for first-year students and other advanced seminars, the number of students who have taken my classes exceeds 1,000. It is a scale that is a bit difficult for even me, as the instructor, to fully grasp, but perhaps this is also something unique to Waseda University.

In any case, I intend to make the most of the summer holidays for a while. 

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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