Research Seminar for the 2023 Spring Semester was concluded.

July 21st marked the final session of our Research Seminar for the Spring Semester. Our Research Seminar follows a format of individual progress updates for each week. In addition, during the current semester we introduced a new element where each participant made a brief presentation on his/her research progress using PowerPoint, with each participant presenting once during the semester.

As the number of participants increase, the need for opportunities to share research content among each other has become more apparent. The trend of more participants presenting in English or providing bilingual presentations contributes to strengthening the lab's communication prowess.

While the formal seminar has finished this week, we plan to continue our Research Seminar mainly through Zoom every two weeks during the summer holidays. Needless to say, the research activities themselves need to be consistently advanced regardless of whether it is during the class period or not.

Let us continue to enjoy our research journey moving forward!

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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