We held an end-of-semester reception party at the Japanese restaurant "Mikawaya," Mejiro.

In the evening following the final Research Seminar session for the Spring Semester, we held an end-of-semester reception. For this occasion, I guided the students to "Mikawaya," a natural and organic Japanese restaurant located in the Mejiro area that I personally frequent for lunch.

"Mikawaya" used to be a liquor store, but now it offers a selection of highly healthy Japanese food centered around organic ingredients, focusing on vegetables, fish, etc. I believe that the opportunity to experience such high-quality Japanese food is quite valuable. This was my first time visiting with a group, and we enjoyed an exquisite course meal featuring simple fried burdock root, sashimi, ayu fish rice, and so on.

Given its origins as a liquor store, "Mikawaya" also privides an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages. We had the recommended white wine opened for us, and while we initially considered taking the leftovers home, nothing remained in the end. While I do not typically consume alcohol regularly, I believe that occasionally creating such opportunities can be quite enjoyable.

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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