Professor Miyata was featured in Waseda University's PR magazine, CAMPUS NOW.

"CAMPUS NOW" is a PR magazine published by Waseda University's PR department four times a year. It prints approximately 50,000 copies for the primary purpose of introducing the university's research and other activities to Waseda students' families and other readers. Three feature articles highlighting Waseda University faculty members are included each year, aligning with the theme of the issue.

In the 248th issue published on July 20, 2023, featuring "Waseda University and Well-being," the magazine introduced research and other activities related to well-being conducted by faculty members and students.

Given that the research theme of our laboratory are well in line with the focus of the feature, I was spotlighted in this issue with a dedicated article. While the publication was toward the end of the semester, I distributed copies of the article during classes, including to first-year students in my exercises and specialized courses.

The term "well-being" can be translated as "happiness," but it encompasses a more existential sense beyond just feeling a happy mood. Specifically, well-being encompasses a holistic way of living in good physical, mental, and social status.

In the contemporary society with remarkable advancements in scientific technologies such as social media and AI, on the other hand, issues of mental disorders such as depression and trauma have become more complex and serious. Consequently, interest in mental and physical well-being has grown considerably. The attention given to our research this time should reflect this heightened interest. I have been inspired to approach these profound themes with a renewed intention to contribute, from the perspectives of Eastern traditional worldviews and mind-body theory.

The featured article can also be viewed on Waseda University's website:

Hiromitsu Miyata
Hiromitsu Miyata

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