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We have updated introduction of our sesearch.

In this school year I am trying to launch a number of new projects, one of which has been to establish a formal lab website. After I actually conducted it, I well realized that construction of the website requires considerable time and effort. Nevertheless, the number of page views from outside the laboratory and outside of Japan has increased, and several scientists became interested in the lab and contacted me for prospective research projects with us. Such feedback serves as a "positive reinforcer" for me to further raise the motivation.  

Since I started to construct the lab website in this March, it has been hard to me to proceed to the Introduction of the Research section. I have written at most a very brief introduction of the research topics and a slide for each topic. However, because Mind-Body Theory is an area with relatively few researchers, I find that more detailed descriptions of the important aspects of the field is required so that readers can grasp the essential importance of the studies and become interested in the research.

Therefore, I am currently considering addition of the explanations by using text and/or movies. This is not an easy task to conduct, because the work is more than writing many reports that undergraduate students do. Also, an important point concerns the fact that I am constructing the page content both in Japanese and English. Most researchers from outside of Japan first view the pages written in English, which means that creating English pages are essential for both readers and me.  

We have now added some of the text and figures that had originally been created for the crowd-funding project, so explanations for the Japanese version have been somehow improved. There is still much to be done, but I would appreciate it if you could view these pages and contact me if you are interested in the studies. Also, please look forward to see the further advancement of the pages!