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Research seminar for the fall semester has started.

On September 29th, we held an initial Research Seminar for this fall semester. The summer vacation has gone so fast, and the classes are starting this week. Even though we are not yet ready to determine the time schedule of the seminars, we anyway have to get back to the regular days. There will also be a number of important events at the university from now on. Each student has to prepare for his/her experiments and seminar/master theses, and application and selection processes will be run for the 2023 undergraduate seminars.

This summer, I had not been allowed to enter my personal laboratory for nearly 2 months, because the university conducted a large reconstruction of the air conditioning systems in our building. Due to these events, professors had to engage in the work similar to "moving," such as bringing PCs and other belongings home and packing books in cardboard boxes. Around 18th September, we were finally able to go into the lab again, after which I am somehow putting the room back to the way it was.

Also, new members for our research team from the 2023 school year is now being determined. It is favorable that our newly established laboratory is developing gradually, but steadily. 

Personally, I do not conduct most of my classes till the end of the 2022 fall semester except for the Research Seminar. Anyway, let us continue to enjoy our study!