About Graduate School & Collaboration

For Those Interested in the Graduate School and/or Research Collaboration

Miyata Lab is welcoming prospective graduate students and/or research collaborators, including not only students and graduates of the School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University but also students of other Schools in Waseda University, students from other universities, and foreign students. Professor Miyata can supervise Master's students, Ph.D. students, and non-degree research students. Miyata Lab also welcomes post-doctoral research fellows including JSPS research fellows, as well as other research collaborators.

Research Topics

We mainly study embodied/somatic psychology, Eastern mind-body practices/mindfulness, psychosomatic medicine/health science, etc., but specific research theme for each student or researcher can vary according to his/her interest, including affection/emotion, physiological/endocrinological processes, mental disorders, personality, and thinking/cognitive processes and problem solving. Research methods we can use range from psychological scales to physiological/endocrinological measurements, intervention studies/single-case design, and behavioral experiments.

Specific research topics of the present and past lab members include associations between the tridosha theory of Ayurveda and personality traits and/or psychological effects of yoga, impacts of mindfulness-based interventions on body dysmorphic concern, extraordinary diet and/or eating habits and psychological health, physiological/endocrinological impacts of regimen such as footbath, effects of mindfulness self body-touch, introduction of meditation sessions into university lectures, etc. Studies by undergraduate students cover a wider range of topics relevant to mind-body.  

Entrance Examinations

Main entrance examinations conducted by the Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences include Master's Course entrance examination for selected candidates, Master's Course general entrance examination, Doctoral Course entrance examination, and entrance examination for research students (non-degree). Every year around June, a guidance is held by the Department of Psychology. Please check the website of the Graduate School of Letters for the latest and more detailed information regarding the entrance examinations.

・ Master's Course Entrance Examination for Selected CandidatesUndergraduate students of Waseda University who are expected to graduate are eligible to apply. GPAs of the applicants must exceed a specific threshold. Application period is around June every year, followed by an interview examination around July.  

・ Master's Course General Entrance Examination: Besides undergraduate students and graduates of Waseda University, students and graduates of other universities including Japanese and foreign universities are also eligible to apply. Application period is around July to August every year, followed by written and interview examinations around September.
・ Doctoral Course Entrance Examination: Application period is around November to December every year, followed by written and interview examinations conducted around January to February.
・ Entrance Examination for Research Students (Non-Degree): Application period is around January every year, followed by an interview examination around February.

About Research Fellowships & Visiting Scholars

Other than becoming graduate students or non-degree research students, there are multiple ways in which you have a chance to conduct your study at Miyata Lab.

(1) Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: If you already have your Ph.D. or are expected to obtain it during the present school year, you can potentially study with us by applying for either the PD (post-doctoral research fellow), CPD, or RPD of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Around May of the year before the start of the fellowship, the faculty office of your present affiliation should handle your application. Please check the website of the JSPS for the latest and more detailed information.

(2) Visiting Scholar/Visiting Research Fellow: Graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows, and faculties who belong to universities or research institutions outside of Japan have a chance to stay at Miyata Lab to conduct your research by applying for the Overseas Researcher Program of Waseda University. This program includes Visiting Scholars (up to one year) for researchers holding an academic position equivalent to a full-time lecturer or higher, Visiting Research Fellows (up to one year) for Ph.D. students, post-doctoral fellows etc. having a Master’s degree or higher, and Research Interns (up to 90 days) for students enrolled in a Master’s degree course. You are required to apply for the program handled by the International Office, International Affairs Division, at least 3.5 to 4 months before the start of your stay at Waseda. Please check the website of the International Scholar Services of the International Office for the application procedures, application forms, and the latest information.

(3) Other options: Even if you do not directly belong to Miyata Lab, you can study with us by, for example, attending to our research seminar from other faculties, universities, etc. Please feel free to contact Professor Miyata for more details, who is willing to give specific consultations that you need.

For High School Students & Undergraduates


これら2学部に共通の大学院として、大学院文学研究科があります。本研究室の教員の宮田は、文化構想学部現代人間論系の「心身を生きる人間」論プログラムに所属し、大学院文学研究科心理学コース (修士課程・博士後期課程) を兼担しています。そのため、文化構想学部で宮田ゼミに所属して卒業し、大学院文学研究科心理学コースの修士課程で宮田研究室に進学することが可能です。また、文化構想学部の他論系、文学部および早稲田大学内の他学部 (推薦入試または一般入試)、国内外の他大学等 (一般入試) から、大学院入試を受験して進学するルートもあります。


About Certified Psychologist

Certified Psychologist is the first national certification for professional psychologists in Japan that was newly established in 2017. The curriculum for the certification requires students to get the determined credits for the lectures, seminars, and practical training in psychology at the undergraduate and Master's courses, and to pass the state examination. At Miyata Lab, students can obtain necessary credits for Certified Psychologist by completing the Master's course. Specifically, students need to take the required bridge-lectures for both students of the School of Culture, Media and Society and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. They also need to take some lectures/seminars offered by the School of Education.

If you are considering this certification, it is desirable for you to consult the faculty. If you currently belong to the School of Culture, Media and Society, please also check the PDF document posted on the website of Contemporary Human Studies.


If you are interested in the graduate school and/or research collaboration with us, or if you are generally interested in the studies conducted at Miyata Lab, please contact Professor Miyata by e-mail. Before doing so, you are expected to check the period and application processes of the entrance examinations and to secure sufficient time to prepare for the applications. Prof. Miyata will consider a personal meeting (either in-person or by using Zoom) if necessary.

・ E-mail: miyata<at-mark>waseda.jp (Please replace "<at-mark>" with "@")