Welcome to Miyata's "Mind-Body" Laboratory!

Welcome to Miyata Laboratory. Our research involves interdisciplinary academic fields relevant to "mind and body," including embodied/somatic psychology, mindfulness, and Eastern mind-body theory.  Especially, we focus on transformation of mind and body induced by Eastern traditional practices (or bodywork), as well as its underlying mechanisms and clinical applications. More specifically, we study practices such as martial arts, traditional yoga, laughter yoga, mindfulness meditation, the Park-Sasaki method of speed-reading, traditional performing art, and psychological traits relevant to these practices, etc., by primarily using research methods in psychology including surveys, experiments, and interventions.

In recent years, we also focus on empirical studies and clinical practice on non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions such as osteopathy, fasting, diet therapy, somatic psychiatry, trauma care, etc., as well as studies on the relationships between Eastern/traditional medicine and modern psychology.

Miyata Lab is welcoming graduate students (Master's Course, Doctoral Course), non-degree research students, post-doctoral research fellows, etc. Research topics for each student/researcher can vary according to his/her interest, including affection/emotion, thought/cognition, physiological/endocrinological processes, mental disorders, personality, etc.


Welcome to the website of Miyata Lab. We are currently seeking colleagues who study with us on a wide range of research topics relevant to "mind and body." Eastern traditional practices are accumulations of humans' wisdom──The more you know and experience such practices, the more profound charm you can find in them. On the other hand, in the modern society such practices are likely to be deemed to lack scientific proof. We are conducting empirical studies on these various practices in order to provide a good scientific basis for them. Also, many of these practices can be beneficially incorporated into daily life, and can significantly alleviate psychosomatic disorders and/or unidentified complaints. Let us explore and investigate such "mind-body" world with infinite charm──We will heartily welcome your visit!

※ Photographs of students, lecturers, etc., as well as the content of articles on this website, are only published after confirming with and obtaining permission from the individuals concerned. 


Based on the growing research fields including embodied/somatic psychology and mindfulness, our ongoing studies at Miyata Laboratory involve mind-body transformation and its psychological/neuroscientific underpinnings induced by various mind-body practices primarily originated from the Eastern traditions, as well as their applications to health. We also conduct empirical studies on psychological health and/or well-being and mindfulness, body-based psychiatric treatments, and studies on the associations between Eastern medicine and psychology. By integrating Eastern practice-based wisdom and Western science, our ultimate goal is to establish "Spirituality science/Eastern science" as a new horizon in the scientific studies on mind.